ATRP – Social Networking – Elgg Integration

As a part of the Auro Technology Research Program, Mugunthan won the ATRP award for February 2009 for his impressive presentation on integrating an existing administrative functionality of an existing website into the admin tool available already for Elgg.

Elgg is a social networking website tool that allows developers to customize it and integrate it into their web sites. The power of it is that it brings in existing features required for social networking website such as member login, groups, comments, activity dashboard, admin tool, etc.

Mugunthan studied the flow of the web application model for Elgg and integrated a new admin feature to manage various political parties in MPMLA, a India based website that allows people to interact with their elected representatives.

During this study, we found out the smart organization of the database elements in Elgg and came up our own custom scripts to correctly write into the right tables to duplicate the functionality of creating default groups for each party, when a new political party is added into the Elgg based System.