Instant Messenger Usage at Auro Infotech

Instant Messengers are a part of the core communication tools used at Auro Infotech. Our clients are located all around the world and due to this geographic distribution around the world, they use different IMs, popular in different locations: Yahoo Messenger, AOL, MSN Messenger, Skype, GTalk, ICQ, etc.

We also provide 24 by 7 secondary support using IM for all our clients, the primary mechanism being email. ie. We recommend clients to open a support ticket by emailing our support team at and then follow up on the ticket on IM or phone as the secondary communication tools.

After using multiple IM clients, we started using Meebo two years ago and have not turned back after that. We survived the tricky IM worms that spread around on Yahoo IM client, uncontrolled even today. We have a strict policy for the past year at Auro Infotech to use IM only using Meebo web site.

If you use any other IM solution, besides Meebo, please let us know as we will be glad to evaluate alteratives. (I am particularly focused on solving single point of failures anywhere at Auro Infotech and will be glad to find an alternative to Meebo.)

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