QA Testing Checklist

QA Testing Checklist is a general QA checklist that is used by the Auro Infotech QA Team.

Though it is called as a single checklist, there are ten sub categories of items, each one with its own checklist it is logically grouped into Level 1, 2 and 3, based on the practical implementation phase of the QA testing.

Level 1 QA Checking

This contains all the items that are checked when the application is first submitted for QA. They are:

1. Version control
2. Design Standards
3. Functionality Testing
4. Integration Testing
5. SEO
6. Y-Slow
7. Coding Standards

Level 2 QA Checking

This level contains all the elements that are checked in parallel with the User Acceptance Testing.

1. Cross-Browser Testing.

Level 3 QA Checking

This contains the QA related items that can be done in isolation.

1. Load Testing
2. Security Testing

Every application in Auro Infotech goes through this rigorous QA testing process before it is released. We hope this will help any web based application to be quite robust once it goes through this levle of testing.

Please let us know if you are aware of any other testing procedures that might be useful for a web based application that we are not following at Auro Infotech.

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  3. admin Post author

    It is a key testing requirement which we have not included as a part of the Testing Process so far. We will have to study Scalability Testing Requirements fully and add it to the master checklist for QA Testing.

    Thanks for recommending this, Raghav.

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