Discontinuing IE6 Support in Website Development

Ever since IE6 was released, for all design related changes, our design team and the QA team had to take care of specific testing related to IE6. This was due to the fact that IE6 did not support many XHTML elements such as absolute positioning, etc.

In the past month or so, we have seen many leading sites remove support for IE6. It appears You Tube will also follow this step soon.
It goes without saying that all the leading sites have realized the pain caused by supporting the exceptions in IE6 and hence will be taking the decision to cease support for the same in the near future.

Along the same lines, going forward, we intend to discontinuing support for IE6 browser from the default set of compatible browsers that we test for during the website development process. This helps us save time and money for our clients who do not insist on IE6 browser requirement. For IE6 browser testing and compatibility, for those client who insist on the same, we will include it in the testing process whenever they explicitly request for the same.

This way the time and effort for IE6 browser compatibility coding and testing will be based on specific requests only.

Though this blog post has this information we will send out this message to our clients so that they are aware of such a decision taken in our website development process. Tentatively, we are hoping to implement this on all new projects starting on or after 1-Aug-2009. Based on the feedback and responses from the clients on this topic, we will finalize and confirm the same to all our clients.