Wii and IPhone – A Comparison

I got a chance to play with Wii last weekend and I should say it is one of the most remarkable inventions in the world of video games.

Since I got fascinated by the power of the iPhone and also the wow factor in Wii, I thought I should write about it right away.

Wii is not popular in India and so I am including a basic introduction about the device and then my thoughts about it.

Wii is a video game device from Nintendo, similar to Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBox. All these three gaming consoles allow you to connect to a TV and control it using controls – with more than one player being able to play – watching the TV monitor for the output.  The one difference Wii has brought is the fact that the controllers are wireless. So the players can actually swing their arms (like in bowling or golf) and the response can be seen on TV. Wii has also come up with an additional device for exercises called Wii Fit, which is even more amazing. This video shows some of the features in Wii Fit

The iPhone on the other hand is a cell phone, which has revolutionised the concept of games on cell phones. iPhone has a feature in it based on which it can sense the direction in which the phone is being held. With this powerful feature, iPhone developers have developed new games which cannot be developed to be played on the regular desktops.

Seeing these two new technologies rule the world of games, I could not help writing about them.

While iPhone has its APIs exposed, allowing the iPhone developers to develop new games for the iPhone, Wii has a set of APIs exposed to talk to the remote and hence control the responses.

Going by the new direction given by iPhone and Wii, we can only expect to see the competition heat up in both the markets, but these devices have already achieved the first mover advantage.

At Auro Infotech, we are still in the early stages of developing applications for these two technologies. With more focus on our Technology Research Programs, we hope to catch up with this before the end of the year.