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Please refer to Functional Teams at Auro Infotech post and Auro Infotech Team and Salary Structures post before reading this post, as it will help you understand where each of these roles fit in Auro Infotech.

Server Administrator at Auro Infotech is a member of the Server Support team, who work on one or more servers. Some of the key responsibilities are managing the Windows and Linux servers, managing the files, databases and the website deployments on these servers. Some of the important tasks performed are:
– Server Hardening
– Supporting the servers and the client domains on the servers
– Installing latest upgrades/patches
– Troubleshooting performance related issues
– Installing and maintaining third party products such as WordPress, PHPBB, etc.
– Taking regular backups

The junior server administrators are expected to work on their own with some assistance on the technology related aspects of managing the server. They will always be a part of a support team, where a senior server administrator and/or project leader will be there to always guide them on the server related questions, task assignments, expected deliverables, delivery dates, etc.

The senior server administrators are expected to work independently on all the technical aspects of the server and are considered as experts in technology with a good amount of technical knowledge. They are expected to also assist the junior programmers and mould them into good support administrators of the future. They report to the Project Leaders and some times also handle smaller projects in the capacity of a Project Leader.

If you are aspiring to become a server administrator at Auro Infotech, please ask yourself the right questions based on the information here and then it makes it easy for you and us to determine where you fit in the organisation.

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