Personalization feature from My Yahoo

Yahoo had announced earlier this month that it was opening up its home page to be personalized fully by the users. This was a significant change as it is the first time any leading portal was allowing users to customize their content 100%. BBC website had allowed this to certain extent, but Yahoo has now made a remarkable change with this decision.

While sites like BBC allowed users to customize their pages from the options given by BBC, Yahoo is allowing users to even build their own content using Open API. If this feature clicks, this will result in an explosion in the marketplace with developers coming up with various applications, just like how the iPhone Application Store took off last year.

In addition, people should be able to now bring in their RSS feeds and videos hosted externally. This is in addition to the standard features such as changing the themes, etc.

If you are a developer and you are interested in developing applications for My Yahoo portal, you should visit the My Yahoo Home page on Yahoo Developer Network

I am quite thrilled at this and am hoping to jump into this and see how the YAP Application Editor helps us quickly build new apps for Yahoo Home Page. If successful, we should be able to come up with sample portals (like the ones created in the past for pageflakes, netvibes, etc) and share it with our friends.

Will keep you updated.