Latest Youtube Wedding Video and Viral Marketing

I happened to watch this video on You Tube and it has now been watched over 12 million times in the past few days since it was uploaded.

The interesting element in this video is that in the past 24 hours three people have shown me or spoken to me about this video.

This is one more example of how viral the online market it. Word of mouth appears to be the most time tested marketing strategy on the internet and many smart online business strategists are already taking good advantage of this.

You can watch this video here:

Once I read somewhere about the five key things to focus on, if we want to leverage this ‘viral marketing strategy’. They are:
1. Increasing linkability
2. Making tagging and bookmarking easy
3. Rewarding inbound links
4. Helping your content travel
5. Encouraging Mashups

This youtube video shows how it has indirectly made use of all five points listed above

I would love to write about each of these points one days. Stay tuned.

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