Services keep up with technology

In recent times, we have seen an explosion in the number of services exposing their APIs to developers in order to leverage the creativity of these developers.

We saw the start of this a few years ago with many applications as YouTube enabling embed code feature to allow users to copy and paste simple code in their website to show the functionality on their site, without coming to YouTube.

Right after that we saw EBay, PayPal, etc allowing users to access the APIs and build applications around it. Facebook went one step beyond this when they opened up their APIs for external applications to allow them to be shown on Facebook. 

We at Auro Infotech are focusing on a few new fascinating technologies that might soon be too big to ignore:

1. IPhone: This is something that has fascinated many of us due to the fact that they were the first to introduce variation to phone based applications. The iPhone API has very good documentation available at

2. Wii: This is a killer gaming device which was the first to have wireless gaming technology with personal touch. It is not quite clear if the APIs are officially available to control the Wii remote etc, but this platform might lead to exposing many different advancements in the field of gaming.

3. Google Wave: This promises to be a killer technology integrating the inbox, IM, blogs, forums, etc. Our initial exploration with the sandbox environment has resulted in positive feedback. We will update you as and when we make progress in this area.

4. Twitter and Facebook: This is nothing new, but the strength of these two tools together are so good that any amount of focus on these two technologies is worth it in the US market.