Website Recommendation – is one of the most popular online sites that provides valuable information about any domain – this task is also know as Whois Lookup.

I have used for over five years now and they provide the information in one click for almost all the third level domains available in the world. The simplicity and easy of use is what has attracted me to the site as it gives exactly what I am looking for, with minimum interaction.

This site was later changed to and that happened over two years ago. Until today, the only link I remember is and have never been able to memorize I am sure they are aware of this, because they even have their redirects going to Inspite of this, even today, when I have to do a whois lookup, i simply type whois.scĀ  – I heard the same feedback from other people who use

This fact also teaches a good point: People get used to specific names and specific patterns of doing a task – after their brain is tuned to doing the task that way, it is very difficult to make them change it. This is an important point that I want to discuss with our team also, as we work on many client websites and user interaction is a primary element in all these sites.

Please do share your thoughts on the same.