Apple launches iPad

Apple’s Steve Jobs has launched iPad, Apple’s version of the tablet, which has a very sleek design – as usually expected from Apple after their successful launch of iPod, iPhone, iMac and iTouch.

iPad is just half an inch in thickness and weights just 1.5 pounds. It has a 9.7 inch touch screen interface and looks as sleek as any other Apple device. It uses hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics and hence the resolution is expected to be amazing.

iPad runs on 1GHz Apple custom processor with the facility to use 16GB to 64GB of SSD storage. It supports 802.11 network connectivity and also Bluetooth 2.1.

This device is capable of running iPhone apps and this one feature has enabled the iPad to directly leverage the huge number of apps already developed for the iPhone. The device is capable of running the apps in window or pixel doubling mode. It also comes with a SDK which is also getting released today.
Steve Jobs mentioned that the cost of the device will be 499USD for the 16GB version, 599USD for the 32GB version and 699USD for the 64GB version. If 3G mobile access will cost an extra 130USD on each.

The device will be available in the market in about 60 days or so.

As we try to study more about this device there are many more limitations that are coming out.

Some of the known limitations are:
– Does not support multitasking
– Does not support flash
– Does not have Wifi
– Does not have a camera

It will be interesting to see how people react to such a device with so many known limitations.

If the device picks us well, we will see the demand for iPhone/iPad apps grow significantly. Will have to wait and see.

Will keep you updated.