Employee of the year 2009 – Aravind Raj

We are happy to announce that Aravind has been selected as the Employee of the Year 2009 at Auro Infotech.

Aravind has been with Auro Infotech for five years now and has grown from the role of a Server Administrator to Manager of the Server Support Team.

In this role, he has gone above and beyond his basic job responsibilities and has contributed to various initiatives at Auro Infotech.

In 2009, Aravind was instrumental in leading the efforts in engineering various solutions such as WordPress MU, Magento, OpenX, etc. He has also been managing various client initiatives in different projects we delivered to our clients.

As a result, in 2010, Aravind is now also overseeing the design team and is on track to managing the operations of Auro Infotech, Chennai.

As a part of this reward, Aravind gets a special gift of his choice from the Auro Infotech Management team. I hope he will write about his gift in the near future.

Please join me in congratulating Aravind on a job well done and wish him all the best in all his future initiatives.