News Plugin Launched

We are happy to announce the launch of News Plugin.

News Plugin is a site primarily targeting news about India and Indians anywhere in the world – through our Plugin set of sites.

At this point, News Plugin gathers data from other Plugin sites such as Music Plugin, Photo Plugin, Blogs Plugin, etc. Since Blogs Plugin also has blogs written by multiple bloggers, all the relevant news items are consolidated by category and published centrally on News Plugin.

The idea here is to use RSS feeds from News Plugin for relevant news items and show them back on the relevant individual sites. (eg. An artist page in Music Plugin will have the news fetched using RSS from News Plugin about the respective artist, etc.)

As a next logical step for enhancement, we are trying to integrate the tags between the Blogs Plugin and News Plugin sites. This will enable bloggers to tag relevant articles and avoid duplication of the same tags again on News Plugin (instead the same tags created in Blogs Plugin will be used in News Plugin).

Stay tuned for updates on this topic.