OpenX 2.8.4 Released – More OpenX Market Integration Options

OpenX announced the release of the next version of their ad serving tool yesterday.

There are quite a few good features announced, but all of them listed so far, appear to be related mainly to OpenX Market integration – not a bad idea though.

For those of who, who are not familiar with OpenX, it started as an independent open source community project and went through many name changes before it became OpenX. Around this time, it got good funding from venture capitalists and now they are trying to make the product better as well as make it revenue generating by using alternate ideas such as offering consulting services, a hosted version, etc.

In this version 2.8.4, some of the key non-OpenX market related features are:

  • Easier upgrade options using a simpler navigation scheme
  • New Inventory Setup Wizard, to help you easily setup and manage your advertisers and publishers

Some of the OpenX market related features are:

  • Setting a minimum CPM above which ads can be served from the OpenX market. This will allow the system to serve ads from OpenX market, if it gives ads at a better CPM than the minimum CPM set in the system.
  • Creating and managing campaigns for the ads served from OpenX market.
  • Allowing OpenX market to serve the ads if there are blank ads shown.
  • Easier view of the statistics collected from the ads served by OpenX market.

All these features appear to be very promising, but this release clearly shows the trend in which OpenX is progressing, ie. investing more and more of their time towards promoting the growth of the OpenX Market.

We have seen the pattern in the past on such projects, where when a open source project takes a deviation from its original core goal, a new fork version comes, which continues to go down the path of the original goal. Lets see how this one goes.