OpenX Statistics missing after upgrade to 2.8.3 – – Reverting back to 2.8.2

As many of you know, our ad server runs on OpenX.

Two interesting things happened yesterday:

1. We upgraded to the latest version of OpenX (2.8.3)
2. We also moved our adserver to a new server.

Right after these changes, the statistics stopped getting captured.

We initially thought we had messed up something during the migration and so we tried to fix it by copying the database over again, clearing the cache file, etc. Still the statistics were not getting captured.

During this research, we also noticed that ‘Invocation Code’ link under Zones was having some issue (the drop down that usually shows Javascript/Iframe options had no options in it). So we were unable to get any ad code also. At this time, we started getting a feeling if something was wrong with the newest version of OpenX.

In order to isolate the issue, we took a brand new version of OpenX and installed it on a new server. We noticed that in this brand new installation also the Javascript/Iframe options was missing in the invocation code.

At this point, we strongly believed this has to do with the new version and so we are reverted back to the old version and immediately our statistics started working.

Based on these facts so far, we are now running on 2.8.2 itself – and we dont intend to upgrade to 2.8.3 unless we get to the bottom of the issue and identify the exact cause of the issue that troubled us a lot this week.

Will keep you updated on this.

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