OpenX Third Party Click Tracking – Still An Issue

We had posted sometime back about a click tracking issue with unknown third party providers, that we were facing with OpenX.

We tried approaching different people, including OpenX forums, third party freelance sites, etc. A consistent answer we received was, if the third party advertiser does not support the extra parameter in their ad code, there is no way to capture the clicks from their ads. We were puzzled at realizing that such a simple requirement might not be handled in OpenX.

Very interestingly, someone from OpenX Services wrote to me a few days after the last post was published, saying that they could solve this problem for us.

So I had written back to them asking for the next steps to be taken to proceed with this. I am yet to hear from them.

Meanwhile, I started thinking to myself, if someone at OpenX Services says that they can solve this for us, then definitely it is something that is possible with OpenX with some custom coding/fine tuning. As I started thinking more about the alternative ways of solving this, a very rudimentary solution came to my mind where I did the following steps:

1. Created an advertiser (lets call this A1), a campaign and a banner in which I posted the tag from the non-supported third party into it.
2. Created a publisher (lets call this P1) and set up a zone for this publisher. Linked the banner created in step 1 and generated the ad tag from Auro Ads for P1.
3. Created another advertiser (say A2), setup a campaign and a banner. In this banner, I posted the tag from P1 and set it to ‘OpenX’ as the HTML provider.
4. Created another publisher (say P2) and setup a zone for this publisher, linked the banner from A1 and generated the ad tag.
5. Posted the ad tag for P2 in a test page.

The ad correctly showed up from A1, but when I clicked it, the Auro Ads system did not capture the click.

So at this point, this issue is still not solved, but we are at least sure that there is a way to solve it – because the OpenX services team believes there is. So we are going to keep trying out alternative solutions and will provide an update on this.