WordPress 2.9 CARMEN version released

WordPress announced the release of version 2.9 which is code named CARMEN after the jazz vocalist Carmen McRae.

Besides the hundreds of code improvements they have made (a full list is available on the WordPress website, the following are some of the key enhancements handled in WordPress 2.9 Carmen release:

– Upgrade all plugins at once using a bulk upgrade option

– Built in Image Editing: Images can be edited in line as soon as they are uploaded using the image editing tool, that is now built in

– Media Embedding: Just paste the URL in the blog and oEmbed feature with

– Trash Feature: Instead of delete, a trash feature has been introduced. This will move the trashed blogs to a Trash can where it will remain for 30 days. You can also manually restore or permanently delete the contents from the Trash.

Overall it appears to be a good set of features which were not directly available earlier.

You can download WordPress v2.9 CARMEN directly from WordPress download site.

For all our clients at Auro, we will upgrade your blog to WordPress 2.9 – just open a support request with our support team and they will take care of it right away.

If you have a blog through our Blogs Plugin platform, which is built using the WPMU architecture, you do not have to do anything as our support team will take care of upgrading your blogs as soon as this version is available on WPMU.