OpenX 2.8.5 Download Ready?

As announced earlier, we have been using OpenX as our advertising engine and we are quite happy with its performance, despite the limitations we have found in the product.

An interesting thing happened last week. We realized that Openx 2.8.5 is available for download, though there was no official announcement about it. The home page on OpenX website still shows that OpenX 2.8.4 is available for download, though we were able to download OpenX 2.8.5.

Our server support team went ahead and downloaded the latest version, ran it through our usual ‘New Downloads Review’ process and after verfiying it, approved it as ‘Ready for Production Use’. Based on this verification, late last week we have now installed it on our ad server and have not seen any visible issues with it. We will continue to monitor this latest version and see how it performs.

In any case, we are still wondering why OpenX have forgotten to announce the availability of v2.8.5.