Apple – The Wow Experts

Based on my recent experience in buying an iPad and my past experiences in buying products from Apple, I spent sometime thinking about what Apple does differently that makes us have the ‘Wow’ Experience.

Just to give a quick 101 on WOW (this is my interpretation):
In simplest terms, anytime you see something and you feel like ‘wow, thats amazing’ (in Chennai terms ‘superaa’?), that is called a wow experience. Examples of some of the technology related wow experiences I had in the past are:
– When I switched on the walkman for the first time in my life

– When cell phones enabled us to speak from anywhere

– When blackberry enabled us to send and receive emails ten years go from anywhere

– When Google showed it could give relatively accurate page one results in two seconds

Then came Apple – I am not talking about Apple Computers under Steve Jobs, which was competing with Microsoft for domination in the PC market twenty five years ago. I am talking about Apple Inc under Steve Jobs, which is dominating the consumer market in the past ten years.

Let me walk you through a typical buying experience with Apple products.

Overall, Apple appears to be very serious about providing the best user experience to all its customers. Here is a quick sequence of the process:

– Apple announces the launch of a new product with wonderful advertisements

– Their website is updated with lots of information about the products

– As soon as you enter the Apple store, you are welcomed by their service professionals, who look like college kids working part time, but well trained to talk with confidence on the apple products and their features. The team gives you the feel that you are talking to subject matter experts and that itself is a huge benefit in the selling process.

– Also, when you are ready to make a purchase, they get your credit card swipe it on a device that looks like a bulky iPhone – I am guessing it is an iPhone extended to accept credit cards. Once swiped, they ask you to sign on the screen of the iPhone like device and right after that the receipt is printed wirelessly on their printer and you are set to go. They even identified my email id based on my credit card (and the last purchases I had made from the Apple store) and sent an email id to my account thanking for my purchase.

– Finally, when you come home and start spending some time with the product, it makes you feel as though this is the best thing that could have ever happened in technology.

This is wow experience.

Seeing this consistency with which Apple is able to deliver the wow experience, they are now my role models who can be idolized and followed by anyone who wants to provide a wow experience to their audiences.

We at Auro Infotech are going to make a conscious effort to try and deliver the same wow experience to our clients in all our services and products. It is up to the clients to let us know if we are anywhere close to it 🙂

4 thoughts on “Apple – The Wow Experts

  1. RattyUK

    “I am guessing it is an iPhone extended to accept credit cards.”
    The Apple POS device is an iPod Touch in a special case that has the card reader built in and uses the connector to drive it. It replaced a Windows CE device that they used to use.

  2. admin Post author

    Ratty, I guess u r right and it is amazing to see the way they have tried to remind us only about their products throughout the buying experience.

  3. S. Joshi

    As a business the success of the iTunes store was the big ‘Wow’. In a casual conversation with a reporter (is there such a thing?) someone from Apple said to him, “Everyone one knew that we could do good hardware and software, and with the iTunes Store we have proven that we can provide good service also. Now we can do anything!” That was about five years back. And Apple recently exceeded Microsoft’s market cap and is the second largest company in US! That is Wow!!

  4. admin Post author

    I agree. The two scenarios you have mentioned are clearly Wow.

    With Google busy in its lawsuits with Oracle, dropping of Nexus One and stock value going below 500, the stars appear to be lined up in the right places for Apple to emerge as the clear leader in this field in the near future.

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