WordPress v3.0.1 released

WordPress had announced a major upgrade of their version to 3.0 in the month of June. Right after that, towards the end of July, they followed up with a minor upgrade to 3.0.1 where they fixed 50+ issues identified during the 42 days that WordPress 3.0 was live.

Now that 3.0.1 is out for two weeks now, we are planning to upgrade the blogs we support for our clients to wordpress 3.0.1.

There are many new features in this version. Some of the most important features are:

– A new default theme called Twenty Ten has been introduced – which does look good
– new API for developers to easily integrate custom backgrounds, menus, etc.
– Contextual help on every screen

and many more enhancements.

The most important feature that we are closely reviewing is the feature where WordPress and WordPress MU (the multi-user edition) have been now integrated into one.

Going forward there will be only WordPress releases and no WPMU releases. Though we have already standardized on the previous version of WPMU, we have a handful of clients who still use WordPress. This one feature of integrating WordPress and its MU version, will greatly reudce the amount of time our server management team spends on maintenance activities on the stand alone wordpress installations we have at Auro Infotech.

The full set of new features available in WordPress v3.0 is available here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_3.0

The next release of WordPress will be later this year in late 2010. This will be the last version of WordPress to support PHP 4.

Another important announcement that came out from WordPress was that, for WordPress 3.2, due to be released in the first half of 2011, the minimum required PHP version will be 5.2. This is an important change and will involve upgrading some of our servers to 5.2 in the near future. (Though many of our servers are already on 5.2, we still have some servers which are on earlier version in 5.x).

Will keep you updated on this topic as we go along.