Google shows multiple results from same domain

Google has made a major change in its search results, which is going to affect Search Engine Optimization activity done on many sites.

All these days, when there is a search for an organisation, eg Yahoo, the results used to show one result from their website and then results from other sites with the information on Yahoo.

With the change made by Google, the results now show multiple results from Yahoo website. In some instances, there are as many as eight results shown from the same site. This change is tactical and is going to result in the following:

1. Users are going to see more irrelevant results on page one and hence will be tempted to click on the ‘Sponsored results’ on the right side, as it gives them more options to choose from. This will result in increase in the profits for the Adwords program through which Google shows the sponsored results.

2. Users are going to see less of Search Engine Optimized sites and hence the value of Search Engine Optimization will go down.

3. Users are going to be tempted to getting used to clicking the Adwords regularly thus enabling this habit and hence raising the value of Google stocks 🙂

Ultimately, it appears Google is bent on showing us how to search and it is because of their sheer dominance in the online world.