Blackberry using SMTP and POP3

Some of our clients with hosting accounts on our servers have often asked us for details on how to connect their email accounts with their blackberry device.

Since we use Blackberry heavily at Auro Infotech, we are quite comfortable with the setup of Blackberry to be used with email accounts on Auro Infotech hosted domains. This post gives details of the steps involved in setting up the same.

Lets assume your domain name is called and your user name is username. Please make a note of the following details regarding this:

Domain Name:

SMTP Server Name:

POP3 Server Name:

user name:

email id:

To configure your email account with a blackberry device, choose the option to ‘Integrate with Personal Email Account’. (This has to be done for any setup which is not going to use a Exchange server and since our hosting accounts do not use a Exchange server, we have to use this option).

Once you choose it, go to Settings – Email Setup and enter the details given above in the next set of steps.

btw, if you use Outlook or any other email client on your desktop, please note that setting up Blackberry device to link to your mail account does not cause any sync action with your email client on your desktop.

Any mail deletion on Outlook will delete the mail from the mail server but not the Blackberry device. Similarly any mail deletion on Blackberry client will delete the mail from the mail server, but not on the Blackberry device.  That will definitely be a limitation as both the Blackberry and Outlook use POP3 and SMTP to interact with the mail server.

We use this limitation to our advantage. When this happens, we always have a copy of mails on my Outlook, which remains locally forever. All blackberry mails are set to be deleted from the device after 30 days (If you want to save any mail longer than this, you have to open the message and ‘Save it’ and it will then get saved permanently in ‘Saved Messages’ on the blackberry).

Hope this helps.

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  1. Christian Thomas

    Perfect! I was quite confused, but your post really helped. Very synchronized and systematically maintained. Too Good! Thanks a lot. Please keep on updating new features of BB.

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