Switching Servers for Website Hosting

Many times we have come across scenarios where a client has their website hosted elsewhere and then they would like to switch hosting to our servers. During this process, we have always advised our clients to take a backup of their emails and files, before making the switch.

We realized that it would be helpful to all our clients if we publish the guidelines to be followed while moving their website to Auro Hosting. This blog is an attempt to provide an overview of the steps involved in handling the same. Please note that the scope of this migration is limited to Linux based accounts and so if you require help with Windows based accounts, please let us know and we will provide the details of the same.

When you are ready to switch to our servers, please do the following:

1. Backup of old site:
Remember to take the latest backup of all your files, databases, emails, etc.

Files: The backup of the files can be done using FTP. In order to do this, you should know your old site’s ftp server name, ftp user id and ftp password.

Databases: This has to be done by using the PHPMyAdmin tool which provides an option to ‘Export’ the entire database to a single sql file.

Emails: This has to be done manually for each email account. It is advisable to recommend each email user to actually setup an email client (eg. Outlook or Thunderbird) and download all emails from the old email server.

If you need help with this, please feel free to contact our support team and we will assist you with the same.

2. Automatic Restore of old site on new server:

If your old host uses CPanel (CPanel is a software that assists in managing the websites better), we will be able to take care of the migration in an automated manner, which will make sure the exact replica of your old hosting account is available on our server.

3. Manual Site Creation On New Server:

If the old host does not use CPanel, the restore process has to be done manually using the following steps:
Files: Use the FTP details sent to you along with the welcome email and upload the files under public_html folder. Any file in this location can be viewed from a browser after the ‘Nameserver Switch’ is completed.

a. Login to the Control Panel (using the details given in the welcome email).
b. Go to MySQL Databases and create a new database, a new user account and allow this new user to have access to the database.
c. Open the PHPMyAdmin tool and click on ‘Import’ feature to import the sql. This will make sure the contents of the sql file are restored.

Though this task is time consuming, it is the only option available if CPanel Backup/Restore is not available.

Important Note: Please note that in this process, only the website related files will be restored. Emails and other data that are only available on the old server will not be restored and hence it is recommended that all emails be downloaded from the old server before the switch is made.

Emails: Login to the Control Panel and click on Email Accounts to manually create the email accounts. Once the nameserver switch and the propagation is completed, all emails will start getting delivered into the respective inboxes.

4. Nameserver Switch

Once the files, databases and email accounts have been restored/created, go to your domain control panel and change the nameservers to the nameservers given to you in your welcome email.

This switch takes about 48 to 72 hours to complete and once it is completed, the site will show up from the new server when you go to the website on your browser.

I hope the above steps are useful when taking care of the transfer of your website, but at any point if you face any issues, please feel free to contact our 24 by 7 support team.

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  1. Barbara D

    Thanks…that was very helpful.

    For the email save/backup, on a Windows Outlook client, would they just save the .pst file?

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