WordPress 3.2 is here but is full of bugs

WordPress team launched version 3.2 today to coincide with 4th July – American Independence Day. As the WordPress team has always delivered fully tested products in the past, we decided to take the plunge and upgrade to 3.2.

As we started using it, we realized the Manage Links feature was fully broken and we could no longer add or edit or delete any links. We gave the benefit of doubt to the WordPress team, as such minor issues do happen.

Then as we started adding new blogs, and then when we tried adding new images, it gave a serious error that file types were not recognized or something like that.

Now I know for a fact that this version has not been thoroughly tested and has bugs which is not worth using right away. So if a patch is released within a day or so, we will apply it or roll back to the previous version on our blog networks.

If you are planning to upgrade to v3.2, I strongly recommend waiting for a few days before doing so.