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Functional Requirements and ETVX Model

We have a defined process for website development and it starts with gathering the requirements from the client, drawing it out on paper and then converting it to static pages.

The full flow and checklist is available at Project Development Life Cycle Checklist.

95% of the time the requirements are one page or two page long and is an attempt by the client to write down what they want, the remaining 5% of the time, we get a one paragraph requirement.

The static screens give a good idea of exactly how the web pages are going to look like and how the navigations work. These pages are then given as the inputs to the web developers by the project leader.

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Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

I did a detailed research on writing a blog and its relationship to the search engine crawlers. This research started three months back and concluded yesterday with a series of four quick posts made within the span of two to three hours each.

The idea was to find out the behavioural pattern of the crawlers from the search engines. The exact tests and the results are given below.

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Search Engine Optimisation – Test 2

Our previous test was conducted about two hours ago and we now have the results.

This shows that the crawlers come back more than one in the same day.

Now that the initial test is showing up in less than two hours, I am trying to find out the exact frequency of the crawlers. This will help us optimize our blogs and also pass on this knowledge to our clients in their blogs.

Stay tuned for the test results.

Wii and IPhone – A Comparison

I got a chance to play with Wii last weekend and I should say it is one of the most remarkable inventions in the world of video games.

Since I got fascinated by the power of the iPhone and also the wow factor in Wii, I thought I should write about it right away.

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Technology related growth at Auro Infotech

Two years ago, we started an initiative to track and learn technologies that had a very high adoption rate in the industry. This initiative, though unnamed, gave us an opportunity not only to learn the latest technologies, but also serve the needs of our clients.

In 2007 some of the new technologies adopted were XHTML (div tags), SSL integrations, Authorize.NET payment gateway, etc.

In 2008 we focused on Facebook API, Google MAPS Integration, etc.

In 2009, we have already started working on Magento eCommerce Shopping cart, Twitter API, etc.

This year, there is a lot more demand for emerging technologies such as iPhone Application Development, GPS based applications and SMS integrations.

If there is any technology that you have in mind, that I have missed out here, feel free to reply and let us know.

Magento Based Shopping Cart Updates

Wanted to provide a quick update on three new ECommerce Shopping Cart websites that were developed and launched last month.

After a successful implementation of Magento shopping cart (for Weavez website), as a part of our Technology Research Projects, the design team and the development team have successfully combined together to complete two Magento based shopping cart websites.

In two of these projects we implemented many new features that are not available out of the box in Magento. (Details of the features and links to be provided shortly).

In the third project called Kline Jewels, the client has launched a custom jewelry website in Magento and we worked with them to set up the right infrastructure along with SSL permissions.