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WordPress 3.2 is here but is full of bugs

WordPress team launched version 3.2 today to coincide with 4th July – American Independence Day. As the WordPress team has always delivered fully tested products in the past, we decided to take the plunge and upgrade to 3.2.

As we started using it, we realized the Manage Links feature was fully broken and we could no longer add or edit or delete any links. We gave the benefit of doubt to the WordPress team, as such minor issues do happen.

Then as we started adding new blogs, and then when we tried adding new images, it gave a serious error that file types were not recognized or something like that.

Now I know for a fact that this version has not been thoroughly tested and has bugs which is not worth using right away. So if a patch is released within a day or so, we will apply it or roll back to the previous version on our blog networks.

If you are planning to upgrade to v3.2, I strongly recommend waiting for a few days before doing so.

Important – 777 Permissions To Be Removed From All Servers

Due to the large scale phishing attacks happening on many of our sites due to the lack of security on many of the domains, we are taking certain steps to protect our servers and the sites from such attacks.

As a part of this, we are disabling 777 access to any website. To accomplish this, we are migrating our servers to SuPHP to secure our PHP and apache configurations. This move will make sure files cannot be written by everyone and will prevent the issue caused by the 777 permissions that were previously allowed on all files.

We are implementing this change in our shared servers on 30-Oct-2010.
suPHP is a tool for executing PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners. With this we have following advantages in shared hosting environment

No folders or files can have 777 permission and it cannot be owned by user “nobody”. This is one of the greatest advantage where we can secure the files and folders in the site as none can do anything other than the site owners.

This change will go in at midnight on 29-Oct-2010 and as of 30-Oct-2010 we will not allow any 777 access on any of our servers.

Site Owner should make following in their site
1. Make sure no 777 permission files or folders/directories present in the site. The recommendation is to change it to 755 for folders and 644 for files.
2. .htaccess file should not contain any php_value. Please move those values under php.ini file instead.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any help with this.

Resellers please pass this is to the respective site owners.

Blackberry using SMTP and POP3

Some of our clients with hosting accounts on our servers have often asked us for details on how to connect their email accounts with their blackberry device.

Since we use Blackberry heavily at Auro Infotech, we are quite comfortable with the setup of Blackberry to be used with email accounts on Auro Infotech hosted domains. This post gives details of the steps involved in setting up the same.

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Google shows multiple results from same domain

Google has made a major change in its search results, which is going to affect Search Engine Optimization activity done on many sites.

All these days, when there is a search for an organisation, eg Yahoo, the results used to show one result from their website and then results from other sites with the information on Yahoo.

With the change made by Google, the results now show multiple results from Yahoo website. In some instances, there are as many as eight results shown from the same site. This change is tactical and is going to result in the following:

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Bye Bye Paypal

This is an update on the issue related to the recent changes made by Paypal for withdrawals to bank accounts in India.

I had tried calling Paypal support team and talking to them about the major issue that I found with using Paypal withdrawal into our bank account in India, where it did not get deposited as a foreign income and only got deposited in Indian Rupees as local income – which is really bad for us as we will lose the tax benefits we have when we get foreign income. More this withdrawal issue from Paypal are available in this link.

After 30 minutes of wait, I was directed to a customer service manager called – Rocio who said she is based out of the US and she clarified to me two things:

1. Paypal Regulations Team which sets these policies do not accept any information from customers in any form (email or phone)

2. The withdrawals into bank accounts in India will only come in the form of Indian Rupee.

This only means using Paypal will prevent us from any of the tax benefits we are allowed to receive for bringing foreign income into India. That also means, it is time to stop using Paypal until this changes.

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Paypal withdrawals to Banks in India – Major Issue

Auro Infotech handles many clients outside India and gets tax deductions for all Foreign Income, just like any other company from India that works with clients outside India.

In order to get these deductions, Auro Infotech will have to receive payments into its banks in foreign currency only.

Paypal is one of the payment gateways we use to receive payment from our clients. With Paypal’s feature to transfer money into banks in India, we used to withdraw from Paypal to our bank accounts as US Dollar and it was considered as foreign income.

After the recent changes announced by Paypal, the option to choose in USD or INR is removed and we have withdrawn two payments so far. We realized this week that the payment is coming in only as Indian Rupees, which will directly make us ineligible to get any tax deductions, as the payment is not considered by banks as foreign income, as it is received in Indian Rupees. This is a huge issue!

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Function eregi_replace is deprecated in PHP

– post by Aravind

We are using a search engine called Search Plugin .  This search engine uses PHP code that was working well on its old server which had PHP 5.1 on it.

Recently, we migrated Search Plugin to one of our semi-dedicated server for enhancing its usability. After we migrated to this server, we faced the following error.

Deprecated: Function eregi_replace() is deprecated in /home/searchpl/public_html/include/searchfuncs.php on line 582

We came to knew recently that the in-built function mentioned in the error eregi_replace() is deprecated (or removed) in PHP 5.3.2. The recommendation from PHP is to use the alternate function preg_match.

Please see the sample code below

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Paypal withdrawals for Indian companies impacted

Last month Paypal had sent out an email to all its customers stating that starting 29th July it will not be able to support online payment withdrawals to bank accounts in India. Due to this inconvenience, they were also ready to provide 5USD for any cheque withdrawal requested on or after 29th of July as a measure of compensation to its users.

Within two days of sending the notice, they sent a follow up mail that they were able to continue with the service. In this follow up mail they also clarified that they will continue to give the 5USD refund for the cheque withdrawals.

We have used Paypal in the past to receive payment amounts made by overseas clients. So we waited to try this out to experience what is new in the changes they have made to the withdrawal process.

Not any major changes. The only two changes we noticed were:

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Indian Government sets Aug 31 deadline for Blackberry

Following the ultimatum given to Blackberry by the UAE Government, the Indian Government has also given a deadline of 31-Aug-2010 to address the security concerns around the messaging features in the devices.

Currently, the text from a Blackberry is encrypted before it is transmitted. This has been done to protect the device and its owners. Very recently, UAE govenment had raised an objection on the same topic with the Blacberry folks. Their concern is that this device is capable of allowing terrorists to have easy flow of text communication, which cannot be intercepted with the current architecture. In fact, all the instant messengers such as gtalk, yahoo, msn, icq, facebook, aol and skype can be accessed from the blackberry and that might add to the complexity as these IMs are not necessarily through the blackberry messenger, but through third party applications installed on the blackberry.

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