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Google shows multiple results from same domain

Google has made a major change in its search results, which is going to affect Search Engine Optimization activity done on many sites.

All these days, when there is a search for an organisation, eg Yahoo, the results used to show one result from their website and then results from other sites with the information on Yahoo.

With the change made by Google, the results now show multiple results from Yahoo website. In some instances, there are as many as eight results shown from the same site. This change is tactical and is going to result in the following:

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Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

I did a detailed research on writing a blog and its relationship to the search engine crawlers. This research started three months back and concluded yesterday with a series of four quick posts made within the span of two to three hours each.

The idea was to find out the behavioural pattern of the crawlers from the search engines. The exact tests and the results are given below.

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Search Engine Optimisation – Test 2

Our previous test was conducted about two hours ago and we now have the results.

This shows that the crawlers come back more than one in the same day.

Now that the initial test is showing up in less than two hours, I am trying to find out the exact frequency of the crawlers. This will help us optimize our blogs and also pass on this knowledge to our clients in their blogs.

Stay tuned for the test results.

Microsoft – Yahoo announce new search deal

Microsoft and Yahoo have announced a new search deal, which is considered as a big news in technology space.

This partnership will make their combined search strengths as the best competition to date to the Google Search monopoly. Even now, Google controls over 60 percent of the search market share, but this partership might change that landscape.

The official communication below:

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SEO Testing as a part of QA

Search Engine Optimization Testing is one of the core items in the QA Checklist followed by the Auro Infotech QA team. The team tests the webpages developed by the AI development team for basic search engine related usability. This helps us to make sure with every website we deliver, we also perform all the basic SEO related activities.

The idea of any website is to provide relevant and meaningful data to the visitors. Google and other search engines are constantly searching for such websites to be displayed in its search results whenever visitors to google look for keywords related to this website.

Though SEO is a series of steps meant to optimize a webpage/website in order to facilitate the searching and indexing of the site by the search engines, the commercialization of SEO has made it into a business of its own, and is not considered by many as a integral part of any web site development.

At Auro Infotech, we have made SEO as a part of our core set of tasks to be delivered on every project. The following are some of the basic SEO related items developed by our developers and checked by the QA team:
1. Tags, keywords, description, etc in place in each page
2. Headings and sub headings given
3. Keyword density on the page is measured right
4. Javascripts in external files if possible
5. Unique Page titles on each page on the site
6. All www links are redirected using 301 redirect to avoid www

Did we miss anything out? Let us know what you think.