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WordPress 2.9 CARMEN version released

WordPress announced the release of version 2.9 which is code named CARMEN after the jazz vocalist Carmen McRae.

Besides the hundreds of code improvements they have made (a full list is available on the WordPress website, the following are some of the key enhancements handled in WordPress 2.9 Carmen release:

– Upgrade all plugins at once using a bulk upgrade option

– Built in Image Editing: Images can be edited in line as soon as they are uploaded using the image editing tool, that is now built in

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OpenX Ad Solutions – Limitations and Workarounds

OpenX is an open source advertising solution that has been widely recognized as the best open source tool for developing ad networks. They also have a hosted solution which handles a large volume of advertisers and publishers. They are now heavily funded by venture capitalists and have elaborate road maps for handling many of the planned enhancements.

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Youtube videos in Music Plugin

Earlier last week, we managed to deliver a good enhancement on Music Plugin.

We successfully used the Youtube API to generate the latest videos for albums and artists from Youtube within Music Plugin.

If you visit the site and go to any artist or album page, you can see this in the site as a AJAX badge.

You can see it here: Aishwarya Rai’s Videos from You Tube on Music Plugin

Music Plugin as Orkut application

Purushothaman, from the AI Development team, came up with an idea to try out bringing a Music Plugin player as an application in Orkut. He chose this as his project for the month of March 2009, as a part of our Auro Technology Research Program and in fact won the first prize for this month.

Orkut presents a series of APIs that helps developers build applications within Orkut and publish it within Orkut. Any user to Orkut can then add the application to their home page and also share it with their friends and groups.

Based on this experience, Purushothaman is now trying to take this concept to the next level as a part of his April 2009 project in the ATRP.

He is attempting to make Music Plugin itself as a portal where other websites can build their own applications and publish it. He is trying out using OpenSocial for this so that any one with a OpenSocial id can easily publish their applications in Music Plugin.

Will keep you updated on how it goes.

ATRP – Social Networking – Elgg Integration

As a part of the Auro Technology Research Program, Mugunthan won the ATRP award for February 2009 for his impressive presentation on integrating an existing administrative functionality of an existing website into the admin tool available already for Elgg.

Elgg is a social networking website tool that allows developers to customize it and integrate it into their web sites. The power of it is that it brings in existing features required for social networking website such as member login, groups, comments, activity dashboard, admin tool, etc.

Mugunthan studied the flow of the web application model for Elgg and integrated a new admin feature to manage various political parties in MPMLA, a India based website that allows people to interact with their elected representatives.

During this study, we found out the smart organization of the database elements in Elgg and came up our own custom scripts to correctly write into the right tables to duplicate the functionality of creating default groups for each party, when a new political party is added into the Elgg based System.