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Google gives 68% to AdSense Publishers

Google disclosed today for the first time in their history, the percentage of advertisement amount that they pay out to the publishers via their AdSense platform.

AdSense along with AdWords is the primary revenue generating engine for Google. All these days, the publishers on AdSense network had no clue about the percentage of cut that Google was retaining. There were many speculations in the past that Google keeps 50% of the ad revenue from the advertisers and only gives 50% to the publishers.

Today, Google has come out with a blog referring to the fact that they wanted to be more transparent to their users. It is a very good move and is a positive step in the right direction.

The full details are available here:


Good job Google.

AdSense Certified Ad Networks?

Google AdSense has now made a significant enhancement by allowing publishers to show ads from other Ad Networks who have been certified by Google.

These ads currently are only for image ads and appear to be only for CPM based ads (We are yet to verify this). Adsense does give the publishers the ability to block ads from one or more adnetworks.

Some of the certified adnetworks are ValueClick, Chitika, DSNR, OpenX, etc. The full list of the certified AdNetworks is provided at the end of this blog, but the interesting point is to think why Google would allow other adnetworks to leverage its platform.

One might wonder why Google would allow a part of its inventory to be eaten up by other competing ad networks. We could think of some of the possible reasons which are provided below:

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Google Adsense now includes Interest Based Advertising

Google Adsense has launched Interest Based Advertising for a set of beta users and this has triggered a very  interesting conversation around its advantages and disadvantages.

Interest based advertising means that based on a visitor’s usage pattern that Google will track, Adsense system will be able to generate ads relevant to the topic of the visitor’s interest.

For example, if I visit a lot of technology websites, Adsense will remember it and when I visit a site where adsense ads are present, I will be shown more of technology related ads.

The advantage is that no matter where I go, Google will show ads related to my subject of interest. This sounds very good as advertisers will also love it when their ads are shown to the right audience who are interested in them. Also, the publishers will earn more because their click rate will go up.

The disadvantage is that over a period of time, a visitor will get bored of seeing the same ads again and again. For eg. I might be interested in technology news and go to many technology related sites, but when search once a year to find out good deals about roses for Valentines day or tax filing, I might still continue to be shown technology ads on those sites where I visited just to find out about roses or taxes.

Another disadvantage is that users might get quite concerned once they come to realize that Google is now invading more into their privacy. This move seems like a step in the reverse direction for some, as they feel the contextual ads approach taken by Google so far were in the the right direction.

We have to wait and see how this turns out to be.