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Website Recommendations – Web Hosting Talk

Web Hosting Talk is a leading discussion forum for web hosts around the world.

We recommend Web Hosting Talk website to any one with interests or inclination towards learning the latest aspects in web hosting industry. We hang out on web hosting talk quite often as it provides the latest scoop on all the things that happen in this industry.

Various aspects of web hosting are discussed on this site such as shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, etc. I have seen experts in each area such as Payment Gateways, SSLs, eCommerce, Bandwidth providers, etc share their thoughts on relevant fields.

The nature of the audience to this site is small and medium web hosts with a huge number of new entrants coming into web hosting industry, hanging out there quite often. The exponential growth of web hosting industry around the world is primarily due to the proportionate growth in internet broadband usage and spread around the world, thus resulting in more and more businesses trying to establish a online presence. The industry is considered to grow to a multi-billion dollar one in the near future and that is one reason why big players like Amazon, Microsoft, etc are trying to get their hand on this pie using the cloud computing model, which is a logical extension of today’s web hosting models.

We have also spent some time on Web Hosting Talk in the past and believe that it is one of the ideal forum models for any business trying to build a forum based community online.

Do check it out and share your views here.

Website Recommendations – High Scalability

Scalability is a very important aspect of any website that caters to or plans to cater to a large audience.

High Scalability is one website we would like to recommend to all our readers as this website focuses on providing specific details about how top websites in the world handled their scalability related requirements.

Some of the top rated articles on High Scalability website are the ones about You Tube, PlentyOfFish, Google, Flickr, Amazon and Twitter.

If you have visited this site earlier, let us know what you think about it. If you have not visited it before, please do add it to your daily reading list as it will help you in your understanding of any high performance website.