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Are Employees Getting What They Expect At Work?

There was a survey about what employees expect at work.

The results of the survey are given below:

  1. To work for efficient managers
  2. To have the freedom to think for themselves
  3. To see the end result of their work
  4. To have interesting work
  5. To be listened to when you come with ideas
  6. To be informed
  7. To be respected for their efforts
  8. To be recognised for a job well done
  9. To be challenged by what they do
  10. To get newer opportunities for skill development

Based on this information, I encourage you to take a small test to see what your score is.

Ask yourself the above questions and for each ‘yes’ give one point to yourself.  (Eg. Do I work for an efficient manager?, Do I have the freedom to think for myself? etc).

If your score is more than five, then you are ok. If you score less than five, it is time to look for a change.

Also do not forget to send this link to your manager. I am sure they also like to see how they fare.

Feel free to post your scores here so that we can get a general idea of how employees score in this test.