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Google shows multiple results from same domain

Google has made a major change in its search results, which is going to affect Search Engine Optimization activity done on many sites.

All these days, when there is a search for an organisation, eg Yahoo, the results used to show one result from their website and then results from other sites with the information on Yahoo.

With the change made by Google, the results now show multiple results from Yahoo website. In some instances, there are as many as eight results shown from the same site. This change is tactical and is going to result in the following:

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Google dumps Nexus One

Google appears to have conceded defeat to the iPhone in the mobile devices hardware market with its decision to stop selling its Nexus One phones.

Less than a year ago, Google had announced its entry into the mobile devices hardware market with its launch of Nexus One. Right after the launch they used their muscle power in the advertising space to show the Nexus One phone in front of every single person. It appears that the customers have shown their muscle power and reminded Google as to who the final decision maker on this market is.

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Google gives 68% to AdSense Publishers

Google disclosed today for the first time in their history, the percentage of advertisement amount that they pay out to the publishers via their AdSense platform.

AdSense along with AdWords is the primary revenue generating engine for Google. All these days, the publishers on AdSense network had no clue about the percentage of cut that Google was retaining. There were many speculations in the past that Google keeps 50% of the ad revenue from the advertisers and only gives 50% to the publishers.

Today, Google has come out with a blog referring to the fact that they wanted to be more transparent to their users. It is a very good move and is a positive step in the right direction.

The full details are available here:


Good job Google.

Google Launches Nexus One

Nexus One is the latest phone device from Google, which is being called by many as iPhone Killer. The Nexus One phone has a few good features such as a very sleek design with a 3.7 inch screen supporting a resolution of 800 by 480. With the weight just at 130gms, this phone is slightly lighter than iPhone. Also, this phone has a battery life of five hours, with full internet usage – with a standby life of around 250 hours – it appears to be quite robust.

(Image from Google Website. Link to the official Google website for Nexus One phone with full specifications at the end of this post).

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Customer Centric Websites – Google is the best

I was talking to a friend of mine while talking about hosting and he said that Google might soon enter the hosting market in a big way. I was trying to shrug it off (or should we call it the internal fear of losing customers to google? 🙂 ) and asked him to give me one example of a good product they have other than the search and its adsense which is their primary source of revenue. He immediately took the example of gmail and said ‘Look at Gmail. Anything that I would want in a web based email product is already there.’

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Google OS challenges Microsoft

Google has announced that it is working on a Operating System to be called Chrome. This news has created a huge buzz in the industry. This operating system will be called as Chrome, which is also the name of its browser product. Chrome OS is tentatively planned to be launched in 2010.

This is the first time that Google is taking Microsoft head on in its territory, ie the Operating Systems. Microsoft Windows currently holds 85% of the market share and this will surely create a dent in this share.

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Website Recommendations – High Scalability

Scalability is a very important aspect of any website that caters to or plans to cater to a large audience.

High Scalability is one website we would like to recommend to all our readers as this website focuses on providing specific details about how top websites in the world handled their scalability related requirements.

Some of the top rated articles on High Scalability website are the ones about You Tube, PlentyOfFish, Google, Flickr, Amazon and Twitter.

If you have visited this site earlier, let us know what you think about it. If you have not visited it before, please do add it to your daily reading list as it will help you in your understanding of any high performance website.

SEO Testing as a part of QA

Search Engine Optimization Testing is one of the core items in the QA Checklist followed by the Auro Infotech QA team. The team tests the webpages developed by the AI development team for basic search engine related usability. This helps us to make sure with every website we deliver, we also perform all the basic SEO related activities.

The idea of any website is to provide relevant and meaningful data to the visitors. Google and other search engines are constantly searching for such websites to be displayed in its search results whenever visitors to google look for keywords related to this website.

Though SEO is a series of steps meant to optimize a webpage/website in order to facilitate the searching and indexing of the site by the search engines, the commercialization of SEO has made it into a business of its own, and is not considered by many as a integral part of any web site development.

At Auro Infotech, we have made SEO as a part of our core set of tasks to be delivered on every project. The following are some of the basic SEO related items developed by our developers and checked by the QA team:
1. Tags, keywords, description, etc in place in each page
2. Headings and sub headings given
3. Keyword density on the page is measured right
4. Javascripts in external files if possible
5. Unique Page titles on each page on the site
6. All www links are redirected using 301 redirect to avoid www

Did we miss anything out? Let us know what you think.

Google Adsense now includes Interest Based Advertising

Google Adsense has launched Interest Based Advertising for a set of beta users and this has triggered a very  interesting conversation around its advantages and disadvantages.

Interest based advertising means that based on a visitor’s usage pattern that Google will track, Adsense system will be able to generate ads relevant to the topic of the visitor’s interest.

For example, if I visit a lot of technology websites, Adsense will remember it and when I visit a site where adsense ads are present, I will be shown more of technology related ads.

The advantage is that no matter where I go, Google will show ads related to my subject of interest. This sounds very good as advertisers will also love it when their ads are shown to the right audience who are interested in them. Also, the publishers will earn more because their click rate will go up.

The disadvantage is that over a period of time, a visitor will get bored of seeing the same ads again and again. For eg. I might be interested in technology news and go to many technology related sites, but when search once a year to find out good deals about roses for Valentines day or tax filing, I might still continue to be shown technology ads on those sites where I visited just to find out about roses or taxes.

Another disadvantage is that users might get quite concerned once they come to realize that Google is now invading more into their privacy. This move seems like a step in the reverse direction for some, as they feel the contextual ads approach taken by Google so far were in the the right direction.

We have to wait and see how this turns out to be.