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Apple – The Wow Experts

Based on my recent experience in buying an iPad and my past experiences in buying products from Apple, I spent sometime thinking about what Apple does differently that makes us have the ‘Wow’ Experience.

Just to give a quick 101 on WOW (this is my interpretation):
In simplest terms, anytime you see something and you feel like ‘wow, thats amazing’ (in Chennai terms ‘superaa’?), that is called a wow experience. Examples of some of the technology related wow experiences I had in the past are:
– When I switched on the walkman for the first time in my life

– When cell phones enabled us to speak from anywhere

– When blackberry enabled us to send and receive emails ten years go from anywhere

– When Google showed it could give relatively accurate page one results in two seconds

Then came Apple – I am not talking about Apple Computers under Steve Jobs, which was competing with Microsoft for domination in the PC market twenty five years ago. I am talking about Apple Inc under Steve Jobs, which is dominating the consumer market in the past ten years.

Let me walk you through a typical buying experience with Apple products.

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Google dumps Nexus One

Google appears to have conceded defeat to the iPhone in the mobile devices hardware market with its decision to stop selling its Nexus One phones.

Less than a year ago, Google had announced its entry into the mobile devices hardware market with its launch of Nexus One. Right after the launch they used their muscle power in the advertising space to show the Nexus One phone in front of every single person. It appears that the customers have shown their muscle power and reminded Google as to who the final decision maker on this market is.

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Apple launches iPad

Apple’s Steve Jobs has launched iPad, Apple’s version of the tablet, which has a very sleek design – as usually expected from Apple after their successful launch of iPod, iPhone, iMac and iTouch.

iPad is just half an inch in thickness and weights just 1.5 pounds. It has a 9.7 inch touch screen interface and looks as sleek as any other Apple device. It uses hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics and hence the resolution is expected to be amazing.

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Google Launches Nexus One

Nexus One is the latest phone device from Google, which is being called by many as iPhone Killer. The Nexus One phone has a few good features such as a very sleek design with a 3.7 inch screen supporting a resolution of 800 by 480. With the weight just at 130gms, this phone is slightly lighter than iPhone. Also, this phone has a battery life of five hours, with full internet usage – with a standby life of around 250 hours – it appears to be quite robust.

(Image from Google Website. Link to the official Google website for Nexus One phone with full specifications at the end of this post).

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Services keep up with technology

In recent times, we have seen an explosion in the number of services exposing their APIs to developers in order to leverage the creativity of these developers.

We saw the start of this a few years ago with many applications as YouTube enabling embed code feature to allow users to copy and paste simple code in their website to show the functionality on their site, without coming to YouTube.

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Wii and IPhone – A Comparison

I got a chance to play with Wii last weekend and I should say it is one of the most remarkable inventions in the world of video games.

Since I got fascinated by the power of the iPhone and also the wow factor in Wii, I thought I should write about it right away.

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Auro Infotech iPhone Application Development Contest

Auro Infotech is initiating a iPhone Contest for Auro Infotech employees.

We can choose from any one of the three categories:
Music Plugin Player
MPMLA Widget
ECommerce Application

Any employee can participate in this contest and win an iPhone if they successfully deliver any one of these three applications. There is one iPhone per category available as the prize for the best application in each category.

End date: 30-Jun-2009

The rules will be the same as the rules for Auro Technology Research Program, with the weekly deliverables for week1, 2 and 3 replaced with monthly deliverables, starting with the month of April 2009.

Good luck to everyone.