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Magento Upgrade from 1.3.1 to

Magento is one of the preferred ecommerce open source platforms we specialise in at Auro Infotech. Recently, Magento announced upgrade to and we also decided to upgrade on of the Magento based sites that we manage.

In version 1.3.1, we faced the following error when we checkout using paypal
“There was an error proccessing your request”

We did many studies to fix this and we finally we decided to upgrade the magento to the latest version as we thought this might fix the issue. Since we developed the skin(theme) for the site, we knew it should be done with great care as we need to merge our custom code with magento code.

As always, before upgrading the live site, we upgraded the testing site with many trial and errors and atlast we did it successfully in testing. We have the steps noted down below which we took while upgrading the production site. Below are the steps which we like to share

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Magento eCommerce Hosting and Shopping Cart Template Enhancements

We at Auro Infotech have successfully completed two significant enhancements in Magento based Shopping cart for Weavez.

Weavez is a online Indian Kurti store that has many different trendy Indian kurtis. We had rewritten the entire site using Magento Shopping Cart earlier this year. Last month we completed a few major design enhancements for this site. Some of them are:

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Magento Based Shopping Cart Updates

Wanted to provide a quick update on three new ECommerce Shopping Cart websites that were developed and launched last month.

After a successful implementation of Magento shopping cart (for Weavez website), as a part of our Technology Research Projects, the design team and the development team have successfully combined together to complete two Magento based shopping cart websites.

In two of these projects we implemented many new features that are not available out of the box in Magento. (Details of the features and links to be provided shortly).

In the third project called Kline Jewels, the client has launched a custom jewelry website in Magento and we worked with them to set up the right infrastructure along with SSL permissions.

Aravind – Auro Team


Im Aravind. Im with AuroInfotech for the past 4 years.

Here is my brief introduction:

Im born and brought-up in Chennai. I did my school life in “New Prince Mat. Hr. Sec. School”, Madipakkam, Chennai.   I am a PG graduate with M.Sc – specialization in Information Technology.  I did my Integrated PG course for 5 years at Periyar University, Salem.  I completed my Course in 2004 and started my career in CMS technologies as Junior System Administrator.  Then, in June 2005, I got the offer in AuroInfotech and I have been here till date.

As an employee of AuroInfotech (AI), I had to say about the work culture here.  In AI, we have a challenging environment. I still remember my day1 tasks at AuroInfotech. I was committed to install a open source tool “FFmpeg” in my local server. (FYI, till that date I haven’t heard of that word FFmpeg). I was feared but I challenged it myself and later on day2, I was successful in installation. About 4 years back, remember that there is not even enough documentation for FFmpeg. My commitment made it a successful one.

I had worked on many such challenging tasks and I made it successful many times.  So, AuroInfotech is the place where we can have many such challenging tasks and everyone here is committed to achieve the end goal. Many of my team members like Kandan, who has become expert in Magento design, Anitha-worked in Zencart customization, Mugunthan, Ranjith, Mukesh etc.. each one proved their specialization in different areas. Remember, they all learned and became experts in AI in a short span of time.

So, Employment in AuroInfotech, needs people who dedicate their work towards a challenging task. This is what my Administrator, Syed Hussain says. We are not recruiting experts but we recruit individuals who like to become experts.

Im going to write blogs here frequently with all technical Issues/questions we face here in AI and the steps taken to solve it. I guess this will certainly help others, also let others know what we are doing at AI.

That’s all for now

Meet the Auro Team – Kandan

Since I wrote about Kandan and his award winning Magento Design, I felt it might be appropriate to start the Meet The Auro Team series with a write up about Kandan.

Kandan joined Auro Infotech in 2004 and has grown from the role of a Junior Designer to the leader of the Design team.

Kandan has a vast expertise in Web 2.0 style designs strictly using DIV tags and also in old-fashioned design styles which involve tables.

Kandan is also proficient in Flash and is currently working on Flex technology as his Auro Technology Research Project for March 2009.  He was the winner of the ATRP Award for January 2009 for his Magneto template design proof of concept.

ATRP – eCommerce Designs – Magento templates

As a part of the Auro Technology Research Program, Kandan won the award for January 2009. His technology of the month was ‘eCommerce Designs’ and he did a proof of concept using Magneto templates.

During the Technology Comparison Phase of the Program in week 1 of the month, Kandan compared various carts such as Magento, Zen Cart, OSCommerce and a custom cart that was built already by Auro Infotech.

During this proof of concept, Kandan showed how he took an existing shopping cart that was built using custom code. He replicated the exact design of this cart using Magento.

As a result of his work, we gathered an exact list of files that have to be modified to change the template of the default magento pages into any design of our choice. We will now be able to leverage this list of files and follow the exact steps he did on any new template designing project involving Magento.

In addition, when we presented his proof of concept to the clients who own this site, they jumped on it and asked us to make the magento based site live as soon as we can. We did the same in February itself.

You can see the old version of this site under Weavez Demo at Auro Cart Website.

The sample that Kandan did that was implemented live last month is available at Current Weavez Website.

eCommerce Platform – Auro Cart

Auro Cart is a eCommerce technology solution from Auro Infotech.

This is a solution that is designed to assist all kinds of clients who are looking for eCommerce solutions.

For those clients who are not in favour of custom solutions, we recommend our custom cart solution, which is built from scratch. The latest implementations of custom cart from Auro Infotech as of writing of this post is Gen Next Jewelry website designed for a client in New York.

For those clients who are open to Open Source technologies and would like to leverage their potential, Auro Infotech provides solutions using any of the various eCommerce shopping cart solutions such as Magento, Zen Cart, OSCommerce etc.

Our favourite open source eCommerce solution as of writing of this post is Magento. Magento is a highly sophisticated eCommerce engine with a simple to use admin interface.  The latest implementation of a shopping cart using Magento from Auro Infotech as of writing of this post is Weavez website that is for a kurti website based out of New Jersey.

Auro Technology Research Program – Updates so far

We have completed two months of Auro Technology Research Program and have got good data to back up the progress.

Though it might be too early to say that the program is a success, I can at least say the program has started in the right direction.

In January 2009, we had six participants complete the full four weeks of research and come up with their Proof of Concept on a particular product of their choice in the technology that they picked.

The technologies and products were:

ECommerce Designs – Magento by Kandan

CRM – SugarCRM by Purushothaman

Remote Tools – Remote Desktop on Linux by Ranjith

Enterprise Applications – Dot Project Project Management Tool by Sharmila

Tools – PDFCreator by Mugunthan

Platforms and Middleware – Database – MySQL Stored Procedures by Mukesh

In February 2009 also we had six participants who completed the four weeks of research and presented their proof of concept on the presentation day.

The technologies and products in February 2009 were:

Tools – Address Book Importer by Purushothaman

Frameworks – YUI by Sharmila

Social Networking – Elgg by Mugunthan

Control Panel – Web Hosting Control Panel for Linux – OpenPanel by Ranjith

Portal – Sharepoint Portal by Sara

HRM – OrangeHRM by Umesh