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Youtube videos in Music Plugin

Earlier last week, we managed to deliver a good enhancement on Music Plugin.

We successfully used the Youtube API to generate the latest videos for albums and artists from Youtube within Music Plugin.

If you visit the site and go to any artist or album page, you can see this in the site as a AJAX badge.

You can see it here: Aishwarya Rai’s Videos from You Tube on Music Plugin

Auro Infotech iPhone Application Development Contest

Auro Infotech is initiating a iPhone Contest for Auro Infotech employees.

We can choose from any one of the three categories:
Music Plugin Player
MPMLA Widget
ECommerce Application

Any employee can participate in this contest and win an iPhone if they successfully deliver any one of these three applications. There is one iPhone per category available as the prize for the best application in each category.

End date: 30-Jun-2009

The rules will be the same as the rules for Auro Technology Research Program, with the weekly deliverables for week1, 2 and 3 replaced with monthly deliverables, starting with the month of April 2009.

Good luck to everyone.

Music Plugin as Orkut application

Purushothaman, from the AI Development team, came up with an idea to try out bringing a Music Plugin player as an application in Orkut. He chose this as his project for the month of March 2009, as a part of our Auro Technology Research Program and in fact won the first prize for this month.

Orkut presents a series of APIs that helps developers build applications within Orkut and publish it within Orkut. Any user to Orkut can then add the application to their home page and also share it with their friends and groups.

Based on this experience, Purushothaman is now trying to take this concept to the next level as a part of his April 2009 project in the ATRP.

He is attempting to make Music Plugin itself as a portal where other websites can build their own applications and publish it. He is trying out using OpenSocial for this so that any one with a OpenSocial id can easily publish their applications in Music Plugin.

Will keep you updated on how it goes.

Web 2.0 Solutions

Auro Infotech has been developing Web 2.0 solutions from the time this term was used to represent the various technologies that were grouped together and used by web developers to present rich content in a highly usable way.

AJAX is by far the most popular technology used to represent this term in technical world, mainly due to the power of its asynchronous calls using XMLHTTP which reduced the number of times the complete pages had to be refreshed, thus improving user experience. Some examples of good use of AJAX are for refreshing a part of the page to get search results displayed in the page after fetching from the server, without refreshing the page.

Mashups/Widgets is another term used in Web 2.0 world to help the content to travel online – ie. using viral marketing power of the widget. This idea was well implemented in You Tube to allow any blogger or website to embed simple set of html codes in their pages and as a result the visitors to these sites will see videos from YouTube.

Usability and appearance have also played a distinct role in Web 2.0. With the introduction of DIV tags to manage the rich content and the introduction of unique styles which have come to be known as Web 2.0 styles, websites are built with customer visual comfort in mind.

At Auro Infotech our initial venture with Web 2.0 was on the Indian Music Website, Music Plugin. It implements various Web 2.0 concepts such as AJAX search and Player Plugin that can be embedded on any blog page or website. Some of the other recent Web 2.0 styled websites from Auro Infotech are Funepets, a pet video website and Webvees, a Indonesia based Online Video Website etc.