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Indian Government sets Aug 31 deadline for Blackberry

Following the ultimatum given to Blackberry by the UAE Government, the Indian Government has also given a deadline of 31-Aug-2010 to address the security concerns around the messaging features in the devices.

Currently, the text from a Blackberry is encrypted before it is transmitted. This has been done to protect the device and its owners. Very recently, UAE govenment had raised an objection on the same topic with the Blacberry folks. Their concern is that this device is capable of allowing terrorists to have easy flow of text communication, which cannot be intercepted with the current architecture. In fact, all the instant messengers such as gtalk, yahoo, msn, icq, facebook, aol and skype can be accessed from the blackberry and that might add to the complexity as these IMs are not necessarily through the blackberry messenger, but through third party applications installed on the blackberry.

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