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OpenX 2.8.5 Download Ready?

As announced earlier, we have been using OpenX as our advertising engine and we are quite happy with its performance, despite the limitations we have found in the product.

An interesting thing happened last week. We realized that Openx 2.8.5 is available for download, though there was no official announcement about it. The home page on OpenX website still shows that OpenX 2.8.4 is available for download, though we were able to download OpenX 2.8.5.

Our server support team went ahead and downloaded the latest version, ran it through our usual ‘New Downloads Review’ process and after verfiying it, approved it as ‘Ready for Production Use’. Based on this verification, late last week we have now installed it on our ad server and have not seen any visible issues with it. We will continue to monitor this latest version and see how it performs.

In any case, we are still wondering why OpenX have forgotten to announce the availability of v2.8.5.

OpenX Third Party Click Tracking – Still An Issue

We had posted sometime back about a click tracking issue with unknown third party providers, that we were facing with OpenX.

We tried approaching different people, including OpenX forums, third party freelance sites, etc. A consistent answer we received was, if the third party advertiser does not support the extra parameter in their ad code, there is no way to capture the clicks from their ads. We were puzzled at realizing that such a simple requirement might not be handled in OpenX.

Very interestingly, someone from OpenX Services wrote to me a few days after the last post was published, saying that they could solve this problem for us.

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OpenX 2.8.4 Released – More OpenX Market Integration Options

OpenX announced the release of the next version of their ad serving tool yesterday.

There are quite a few good features announced, but all of them listed so far, appear to be related mainly to OpenX Market integration – not a bad idea though.

For those of who, who are not familiar with OpenX, it started as an independent open source community project and went through many name changes before it became OpenX. Around this time, it got good funding from venture capitalists and now they are trying to make the product better as well as make it revenue generating by using alternate ideas such as offering consulting services, a hosted version, etc.

In this version 2.8.4, some of the key non-OpenX market related features are:

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OpenX Statistics missing after upgrade to 2.8.3 – – Reverting back to 2.8.2

As many of you know, our ad server runs on OpenX.

Two interesting things happened yesterday:

1. We upgraded to the latest version of OpenX (2.8.3)
2. We also moved our adserver to a new server.

Right after these changes, the statistics stopped getting captured.

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OpenX – Click Tracking of unknown providers

We are currently having some difficulty in tracking clicks from unknown ad providers.

We are looking for OpenX experts to help us with this. Please find below our requirements with the details of the issue. If you feel you could be of any assistance, please feel free to reply.

This is a very quick task for a OpenX expert as it should not take much time for an OpenX expert to solve this.

We have OpenX installed on one of our servers.

1. We have created a new advertiser, a new campaign under this advertiser and a new banner as ‘OpenX Generic HTML Banner’. The following is a sample code of this banner:
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var guruji_ad_client = “gu12345678”;
var guruji_ad_id = “123”;
var guruji_ad_type = “2”;
var guruji_ad_bgcolor = “FFFFFF”;
var guruji_ad_tcolor = “000000”;
var guruji_ad_dcolor = “000099”;
var guruji_ad_ucolor = “000000”;
var guruji_ad_keyword = “movies”;
var guruji_ad_width=”728″;
var guruji_ad_height=”90″;
var guruji_ad_language =”1″;
var guruji_ad_contentType =”3″;
var guruji_ad_open =”1″;
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://adguru.guruji.com/scripts/show_ads.js”></script>

2. We are able to track the clicks for known providers, but are not able to track the click for this ‘unknown provider’ listed above. OpenX recommends using magic macros to solve this.

We are looking for an OpenX expert to help us with the solution to this.

The success of this task will result in clicks correctly captured in the OpenX statistics for this ad.

If you feel you are experienced in setting this up, please bid on this task. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to ask.

If you do not have previous experience with OpenX please do not bid.

For a person experienced with OpenX this should be a easy task, and we have many more such tasks in mind in the future as our ad serving is increasing on OpenX platform.



OpenX Ad Solutions – Limitations and Workarounds

OpenX is an open source advertising solution that has been widely recognized as the best open source tool for developing ad networks. They also have a hosted solution which handles a large volume of advertisers and publishers. They are now heavily funded by venture capitalists and have elaborate road maps for handling many of the planned enhancements.

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