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Music Plugin as Orkut application

Purushothaman, from the AI Development team, came up with an idea to try out bringing a Music Plugin player as an application in Orkut. He chose this as his project for the month of March 2009, as a part of our Auro Technology Research Program and in fact won the first prize for this month.

Orkut presents a series of APIs that helps developers build applications within Orkut and publish it within Orkut. Any user to Orkut can then add the application to their home page and also share it with their friends and groups.

Based on this experience, Purushothaman is now trying to take this concept to the next level as a part of his April 2009 project in the ATRP.

He is attempting to make Music Plugin itself as a portal where other websites can build their own applications and publish it. He is trying out using OpenSocial for this so that any one with a OpenSocial id can easily publish their applications in Music Plugin.

Will keep you updated on how it goes.

Meet The Auro Team – Purushothaman

Purushothaman joined Auro Infotech last year. He is now one of the core members of the development team.

Purushothaman has been a consistent participant in the Auro Technology Research Programs  and has also won the award recently in March 2009.

Purushothaman was a key member of the team working on Funepets website, GuideVu system and many other PHP/MySQL driven sites.

Purushothaman was one of the three winners of the ‘Employee of the Year Award’ for the year 2008.

Auro Technology Research Program – Updates so far

We have completed two months of Auro Technology Research Program and have got good data to back up the progress.

Though it might be too early to say that the program is a success, I can at least say the program has started in the right direction.

In January 2009, we had six participants complete the full four weeks of research and come up with their Proof of Concept on a particular product of their choice in the technology that they picked.

The technologies and products were:

ECommerce Designs – Magento by Kandan

CRM – SugarCRM by Purushothaman

Remote Tools – Remote Desktop on Linux by Ranjith

Enterprise Applications – Dot Project Project Management Tool by Sharmila

Tools – PDFCreator by Mugunthan

Platforms and Middleware – Database – MySQL Stored Procedures by Mukesh

In February 2009 also we had six participants who completed the four weeks of research and presented their proof of concept on the presentation day.

The technologies and products in February 2009 were:

Tools – Address Book Importer by Purushothaman

Frameworks – YUI by Sharmila

Social Networking – Elgg by Mugunthan

Control Panel – Web Hosting Control Panel for Linux – OpenPanel by Ranjith

Portal – Sharepoint Portal by Sara

HRM – OrangeHRM by Umesh