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WordPress v3.0.1 released

WordPress had announced a major upgrade of their version to 3.0 in the month of June. Right after that, towards the end of July, they followed up with a minor upgrade to 3.0.1 where they fixed 50+ issues identified during the 42 days that WordPress 3.0 was live.

Now that 3.0.1 is out for two weeks now, we are planning to upgrade the blogs we support for our clients to wordpress 3.0.1.

There are many new features in this version. Some of the most important features are:

– A new default theme called Twenty Ten has been introduced – which does look good
– new API for developers to easily integrate custom backgrounds, menus, etc.
– Contextual help on every screen

and many more enhancements.

The most important feature that we are closely reviewing is the feature where WordPress and WordPress MU (the multi-user edition) have been now integrated into one.

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Successful WordPress MU (WPMU) Installation

We are happy to announce the completion of a large WordPress Multi User (WPMU) project for one of our clients.

The requirement was as follows:

Currently we manage a set of wordpress blogs each with its own installation on its own servers. Some blogs were the main site for the respective domains and some blogs were wordpress installations in sub folders in the respective domains. This was becoming a maintenance nightmare, as with each version upgrade of wordpress, we had to upgrade ten different local installations of the same.

Our task was to eliminate the need for maintaining multiple wordpress installations and have a single installation that will be used to manage multiple blogs, one sub domain per blog. Also, we had to come up with a way to get a blog up and running with minimum effort for any new client/guest asking for a new blog for themselves.

We managed to accomplish the goals successfully today and have centrally implemented the wordpress MU blogging tool on Blogs Plugin – http://blogsplug.in/

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